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5 Ways to Track ISS From Earth

5 Ways to track ISS from earth. ISS is known as the international space station. Know how to track ISS from earth. See this presentation. Know more on…
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Important spreaders in networks: exact results on small graphs

To be able to control spreading phenomena (like the spreading of diseases and information) in networks it is important to identify influential spreaders. What…
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Fotossintese parte 2 - bioq. aplicada

1. FOTOSSÍNTESE RESPIRAÇÃO 2. Eritrose-4- fosfato SUBSTÂNCIAS AROMÁTICAS Fosfoenol- piruvato Flavo- nóides fotossíntese CO2 + H2O Frutose-6-fosfato…
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Sistema Plantio Direto na Fruticultura Conservacionista

1. 30 PALAVRA DA CIÊNCIA Sistema Plantio Direto na fruticultura conservacionistaAfonso Peche Filho, Pesquisador científico do Centro de Engenharia do Instituto…
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Vacchiano et al. 2016 Apennines

1. Ecology of mountain forest ecosystems in the Italian Apennines Giorgio Vacchiano*, Matteo Garbarino, Emanuele Lingua, Renzo Motta Ecology of mountain forest ecosystems…
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Central nervous system (q1 g6) by J. Doon

1. Parts Functions Common Ailments 2. What is Nervous System? 3. ■ Is the highway along which your brain sends and receives information about what is happening in the…
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Biotechnology experiments 2nd semester (LNMU Darbhanga)

1. KAUSHIK 16 BIOTECHNOGY PRACTICAL SEM 2. ABHISHEK KAUSHIK 2. Experiment No. 1 Aim: To isolate the genomic DNA from E .coli. Principle:-The isolation of DNA from…
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this PPT includes what is malaria life cycle of malaria that content- about plasmodium, their transmission and infection in human (sexual and asexual cycle both)…
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Using agricultural biodiversity to build more resilient food systems

Ruben Echeverría presents about building resilient food systems using agricultural biodiversity in the context of the EAT Forum Stockholm and the launch of the…
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ESHRE 2017 Presentation: Universal Warming Protocol for Human Reproductive Cells by Dr Lodovico Parmegiani

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The Post-Truth Drift in Social Simulation

A talk at the Social Simulation Conference, Dublin, September 2017. Abstract The paper identifies a danger in the field of social simulation a danger of using…
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Symfony tagged services

1. Symfony Tagged Services Alin Alexandru 2. Alin Alexandru ● CTO @ INNOBYTE ● More than 7 years experience in PHP ● 3 years in Symfony 1 ● More than 3 years…
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Jurnal Journal - Fuzzy Simple Additive Weighting Method in the Decision Making of Human Resource Recruitment

Abstract. The Company is one of the jobs that was founded in order to reduce unemployment. The progress of a company is determined by the human resources that…
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Being Reproducible: SSBSS Summer School 2017

Lecture 2: Being Reproducible: Models, Research Objects and R* Brouhaha Reproducibility is a R* minefield, depending on whether you are testing for robustness…
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Sofia Roshan

1. ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation Government of India 2. 1969 Bangalore DR VIKRAM SARABHAI 3. Satellite programmes ã ISRO has launched many artificial…
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