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Transcript  Basic Words The mayor, despite his avuncular face plastered about the city, was hardly  ________ -- some concluded that it was his ingratiating smile that allowed him to engage in corrupt behavior and get away with it. The boat was  ________-  supplied for its year at sea--no man would go hungry or thirst.Wherever the bowl haircut teen-idol went, his legions of screaming fans ran through the streets  ________-  , hoping for a glance at his boyish face.  Harry was so unknowledgable that he was unaware the Egyptian pharaohs  ________- the American Revolution. Nietzsche was known for using  ________  , sometimes encapsulating a complex philosophical thought in a mere sentence. Sometimes I can't stand Nathan because he tries to impress everyone by being  ________    ,   but he just states the obvious. There is an  ________  difference between those who say they can get the job done and those whoactually get the job done. Test day can be one of pure  ________  , as many students worry about their test scores.Hoping to sound intelligent, Mary spoke in  ________ English that was right out of Jane Austen's Prideand Prejudice--needless to say, she didn't have many friends. The  ________  of the Carlsbad water polo team is clear--they have a decade of championships behind them. History  ________  The Odyssey and The Illiad to Homer, but scholars now debate whether hewas a  historical figure or a fictitious name. In the weekly paper, the editor  ________  the governor for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollarsin public projects that quickly failed.  Afraid to see the aftermath of the car crash, I  _______  my eyes as we droveby. The struggling videogame company put all of its finances into one final, desperate project to  _______  bankrupcy.Martin is an  _______ birdwatcher, often taking long hikes into remote mountains to see some rareeagle.  _______  by his parents to find a job, the 30-year-old loafer instead joined a gang of itinerant musicians. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE The students were willing to clean up the broken glass, but when the teacher asked them to mop the entire floor, they  _______  , citing reasons why they needed to leave.Often we imagine all monks to wear the  _______ smile of the Buddha, but, like any of us, a monk can have a bad day and not look very happy.  Her dress was  _______ and made her look even more beautiful. This word has other definitions but this is the most important one for the GRE Sitting all alone in his room, Harvey  _______  the happiness of the other children playing outside hiswindow. We never  _______  money spent on ourselves.The teacher looked down at the student and said, It would  ________  you to be in class on time and complete your homework, so that you don't repeat freshman English for a third straight year. Known for their  _______  ways, the Spartans were once the most feared people from Peloponnesusto Persia.  After discovering a priceless artifact in her backyard, Jane was  _______  by phone calls, emails,and reporters all trying to buy, hold or see the rare piece of history. Unremitting overcast skies tend to lead people to create  _______  literature and lugubriousmusic -- compare England's band Radiohead to any band from Southern California. Modern technology has been a  _______  to the travel industry.
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