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Clif Nigh Nov. 2016
  Emergence... forecasts for  November 2016 through December 2045 an Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis Intelligence Report   from  by clif high copyright 2016 all rights reserved claims for invention and labor  !age 1 of 4# 2016 by clif high for $alfpasthuman Emergence % November 2016&ll rights reserved  Future forecasting can seem overwhelming... Even to me and even after all these years e'amining data and creating reports. (o if it gets to you or you have )uestions about the reports my best contact email for such *ill be ,or bac-ground on ho* these reports are created there is a primer in the last /eight pages of this report. f your )uestions about preparation are not ans*ered after reading these then send an email and  *ill get bac- to you *hen  am able to get through the daily *or- there is a lot of it. f you have a need for yet more *ords on the sub3ects discussed herein albeit live please visit the * !lease note  have to isolate the forum due to the language causing a circuitous reference issue for our *or-. ,or the sa-e of not affecting my interpretation  do not visit the forum.  Note to ne* readers our *or- tends to concentrate on a negativevie* see primer at the end of this report. efunds available on re)uest no )uestions as-ed so do not feel youneed continue into information you *ould prefer not simply over  purchase price. Meta data he ma3ority of this report is devoted to the 7(&!op and the 8ar-ets entity. he reasons *ill be obvious. 9here time permits sub sets of :lobal!op have been annotated. he data suggests that a 7(&!op focus *ill be continuing through to at least &pril of 201; as 7(&!op leads the rest of the *estern *orld into the death of the ,ederal eserve 7(& dollar paradigm. 9e do not have enough longer term data to determine if this is the death of the central ban-ing%*arfare model for humanity  but it is clear the potentials are in place for such an outcome to develop over these ne't fe* decades.  have *or-ed diligently to bring out the positive focus of all the data sets as presented here. Not to slant but only to try to balance out *hat could be seen as a negative focus. emember humans especially on the internet and especially in english tend to e'press more negative emotions than  positive. his is a -no*n aspect of our *or- these past decades. (o instead of becoming depressed over the forecast in this and probably ne't fe* &<& reports you do have the option of vie*ing theseupcoming years as some of the most monumental for change in recent decades. !lease note that *ith all of the manifesting temporal mar-ers in the secrets revealed meta data layers of some years bac- many of those sets are no* ne* again. (o if some of these descriptions belo* seem familiar they may be as *e have lots of temporal mar-ers emerging along *ith the other data behind them so to spea-. !age 2 of 4# 2016 by clif high for $alfpasthuman Emergence % November 2016&ll rights reserved  Your world changes... n a similar *ay to the floods dominating the erra entity then being replaced at the top level by *inds recently the data sets are forecasting that earth)ua-es *ill be the *ord of the year over late 201; through to the beginning of 201=. he data sets are suggesting that our forecast for earth)ua-es in North &merica over 201; may be the mild e'pression of *hat is really going to turn out to be a series of earth)ua-es *ith one or several that *ill be notable. he notable language does not relate to magnitudes nor defined scales but rather to damage levels. he data sets are describing a bo*l that *ill be created across a large area of the north &merican plains by a combination of the earth)ua-es being described as numerous and the previous damage such as frac-ing. he data sets are describing the damages as sun-en streets and caved in  buildings and cell to*ers crashed do*n and malls destroyed and at least one instance of an airport *ith a run*ay bro-en in half. hese earth)ua-es and their cluster or series are described as being interrupted by significant or si>able earth)ua-es that are really to be earth shudders. n general the earth shudders as part of the earth e'pansion events currently under*ay are sho*ing as continuing through 2045 in increasingly disruptive magnitudes. here are a number of sets gro*ing that are also suggesting that part of the future earth shudders *ill be due to the rearrangement of the ice masses around our planet as the ne*ice age begins *ith the abnormal summers of 201; through 2040. ?f course by 2040 the *ord abnormal *ill no longer be used as it *ill be those generations normal and they *ill be living in a *orld very unli-e todays. he planet then *ill be ice bound in differing places and the resulting floods pun intended of the ice masses across the continents are described as ta-ing up so much *ater from the oceans as to e'pose huge valleys in *hich ancient civili>ations can be observed.  Note not found but observed. he data sets in some parts of :lobal!op are forecasting people *atching for recreation the tides slo*ly moving out and staying more each day until the vague shado*s of former glorious civili>ations *ill be firm buildings and mud covered relics revealed yet more *ith each tide outgoing. ?f course these outgoing tides *hich do not come bac- in )uaite asfar each day are a huge disruption for our ocean based society as it da*ns on all of us that ne* coast lines are N? a good thing *hen all the ports have to be moved and then moved again and again and for ho* long@ ,urther much of the lands revealed are not going to be suitable for human habitation for many reasons most of *hich have to do *ith mud and some of *hich have to do *ith to'ic mud. ?ther data sets are sho*ing that *e *ill get language discussing the futility of chasing retreating oceans until stability returns. $o*ever this *ill not slo* do*n the push to come up *ith solutions but due to the economic fraying of the ties that bind civili>ation A(ee 8ar-ets belo*B in some areas the dry land ports are not going to be much noticed given the other problems. ?ther earth)ua-e events are to be occurring in antarctica of all places as the data describes ice shelves that *ill peel off li-e crumbs from layer ca-e. hese earth)ua-e events are also described as glacier )ua-es and their descriptor sets include language around very large ice movements that can  be continent shaping. hese are apparently the predicted earth)ua-es that *ill rearrange the land such that a critical river *ill be draining into a ne* inland sea. his is forecast to cause all manner of chaos for 7(&!op as several nuclear plants become suddenly dry no cooling *ater. hese sets are still gro*ing and still !age of 4# 2016 by clif high for $alfpasthuman Emergence % November 2016&ll rights reserved  forecasting for this to be in the (outh East of north &merica. No further clarification of e'act position. he climate sets are no* indicated to be blending into the earth changes such that 3et streams *ill nolonger be as predictable as in the past and thus nearly all the ocean currents are going to be altered. hese ne* current patterns are indicated to have all manner of impacts on both the shape of the coastsof the continents and human use/interaction *ith the oceans. !iling on top of that the currents are indicated to alter the coasts such that ne* heat patterns are created that in their turn then form a ne* feed bac- loop *hich alters the *ind patterns. he very long term data sets are gathering ane* around &ntarctica and its future shape. his set for shape also includes its ice pac-. n these sets even though seemingly contradictory to other sets forecasting an ice age the &ntarctica ice pac- is described as *ithering over the ne't 2/t*o human generations. he data indicates that this *ill be visible to the human eye in only 6 or ; years but *illta-e some number of years to progress the greater distance being forecast. he data sets are describing a situation *here ancient human habitation including technology *ill be e'posed by the *ithering ice pac-s and create something of an archaeology for profit boom at the ne*ly e'posed edges of the continent. he antarctica data sets are describing a melting of the ice pac- as *ell as drifting off yet the over all global impact is also being described as moving currents and altering *ind  patterns but in general not s*elling the oceans. his last is sho*ing up as being due to so much rain  being no* dumped bac- onto land some places in the form of sno* that *ill gro* into its o*n ice  pac- as has been forecast over these fe* years. 8odelspace continues to sho* that ne* air currents as forecast *ill be ta-ing the lead in the language for this coming 9inter 2016/201; over large areas of the northern hemisphere. hese air current changes are to include very bi>arre behavior from the 3et streams that *ill be ine'plicable according to the ne* accretion patterns. t maybe that have a s*ing gradual or sudden of some of the 3et stream currents to a more pole to pole orientation. Needless to say these shifts *ill turn all *eather forecasting into a devolving mystery until the shift is noticed and e'plained as the cause of the ne* *eather pattern. he shifting into polar *ind patterns sho*s up as also causing ne* ice formations and e'treme sno*s in some une'pected areas of the northern hemisphere over 9inter but more in 201;. he data sets are describing a pattern shift for the seasons that *ill put some parts of the northern hemisphere into a late occurring 9inter *ith e'treme end of season sno*s such that 201; *ill also be the year the sno* stayed through summer *ith images sho*ing up later that summer *ith typical summer heat stories against a bac-ground of still melting sno* piles. hese and other e'cessive sno* and sno* in unusual places and sno* fro>en repeatedly into a big ice lump are all part of the larger sets of the developing ice age language that has long been in these reports. he ne* data sets are suggesting that in spite of the push for global *arming efforts the climate *ill not be cooperative over these ne't fe* decades as *e e'perience the coldest *inter records in some number of years albeit in very unusual places. (ome of the places sho*ing for really strange *eather include &ntarctica. he sets for the southern polar region are forecasting the climate shifts in this area to be pivotal for the planets oceans. ,urther the reports of odd *eather occurrences in this region *ill be temporal mar-ers for changes in other regions as the e'pansion effects alter the earth under our feet. !age 4 of 4# 2016 by clif high for $alfpasthuman Emergence % November 2016&ll rights reserved
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