Especificaciones de Valvulas Normas API


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Especificaciones de válvulas normas API
  ESPECIFICACIONES DE VALVULAS NORMAS API  API SPEC 6D Specification for Pipeline Valves. API Specification 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleu and !atural as Industries#Pipeline $ransportation S%stes#Pipeline Valves. $&is International Standard specifies re'uireents and (ives recoendations for t&e desi(n, anufacturin(, testin( and docuentation of )all, c&ec*, (ate and plu( valves for application in pipeline s%stes.  API 526 +lan(ed Steel Pressure elief Valves. $&e standard is a purc&ase specification for flan(ed steel pressure relief valves. -asic re'uireents are (iven for direct sprin(#loaded pressure relief valves and pilot#operated pressure relief valves as follos: orifice desi(nation and area/ valve si0e and pressure ratin(, inlet and outlet/ aterials/ pressure#teperature liits/ and center#to#face diensions, inlet and outlet.  API 527 Seat $i(&tness of Pressure elief Valves 22. Descri)es et&ods of deterinin( t&e seat ti(&tness of etal# and soft#seated pressure relief valves, includin( t&ose of conventional, )ellos, and pilot#operated desi(ns.  ANSI/API STD 594 5&ec* Valves: +lan(ed, u(, 7afer and -utt#eldin(. API Standard 894 covers desi(n, aterial,face#to#face diensions, pressure#teperature ratin(s, and eaination, inspection, and test re'uireents for to t%pes of c&ec* valves.  API 598Valve Inse! #$n an% Tes #n&'  $&e standard covers inspection, suppleentar% eaination, and pressure test re'uireents for )ot& resilient#seated and etal#to#etal seated (ate, (lo)e, plu(, )all, c&ec*, and )utterfl% valves. Pertains to inspection )% t&e purc&aser and to an% suppleentar% eainations t&e purc&aser a% re'uire at t&e valve anufacturers plant.  ANSI/API 599 ;etal Plu( Valves # +lan(ed, $&readed and 7eldin( <nds. A purc&ase specification t&at covers re'uireents for etal plu( valves it& flan(ed or )utt#eldin( ends, and ductile iron plu( valves it& flan(ed ends, in si0es !PS 1 t&rou(& !PS 24, &ic& correspond to noinal pipe si0es in  AS;< -36.1;. Valve )odies conforin( to  AS;< -16.34 a% &ave flan(ed end and one )utt#eldin( end. It also covers )ot& lu)ricated and nonlu)ricated valves t&at &ave to#a% coaial ports, and includes re'uireents for valves fitted it& internal )od%, plu(, or port linin(s or applied &ard facin(s on t&e )od%, )od% ports, plu(, or plu( port.  ANSI/API 6(( -olted -onnet Steel ate Valves for Petroleu and !atural as Industries # ;odified !ational  Adoption of ISO 1434:199=.  API 6(2 5opact Steel ate Valves # +lan(ed, $&readed, 7eldin(, and <tended#-od% <nds. $&e standard covers t&readed#end, soc*et#eldin(#end, )utt#eldin(#end, and flan(ed#end copact car)on steel (ate valves in si0es !PS4 and saller.  ANSI/API 6() 5orrosion#esistant, -olted -onnet ate Valves # +lan(ed and -utt#7eldin( <nds. $&e standardcovers corrosion#resistant )olted )onnet (ate valves it& flan(ed or )utt#eld ends in si0es !PS1>2 t&rou(& 24, correspondin( to noinal pipe si0es in  AS;< -36.1;, and 5lasses 18, 3, and, 6, as specified in  AS;< -16.34.   ANSI/API 607  +ire $est for Soft#Seated ?uarter $urn Valves. $&e standard covers t&e re'uireents for testin( and evaluatin( t&e perforance of strai(&ta%, soft#seated 'uarter#turn valves &en t&e valves are eposed to certain fire conditions defined in t&is standard. $&e procedures descri)ed in t&is standard appl% to all classes and si0es of suc& valves t&at are ade of aterials listed in AS;< -16.34.  API 6(9 -utterfl% Valves: Dou)le +lan(ed, u(# and 7afer#$%pe. $&e standard covers desi(n, aterials, face#to#face diensions, pressure#teperature ratin(s, and eaination, inspection, and test re'uireents for (ra% iron, ductile iron, )ron0e, steel, nic*el#)ase allo%, or special allo% )utterfl% valves t&at provide ti(&t s&utoff in t&e closed position and are suita)le for flo re(ulation.   API 6+ASpecification for +ire $est for Valves. $&e standard covers t&e re'uireents for testin( and evaluatin( t&e perforance of API Spec 6A and Spec 6D valves &en eposed to specificall% defined fire conditions.    API 6+5+ire $est for Valve it& Autoatic -ac*seats. $&e standard covers t&e re'uireents for testin( and evaluatin( t&e perforance of API Spec 6A and Spec 6D valves it& autoatic )ac*seats &en eposed to specificall% defined fire conditions.   API 6Seferenced Standards for 5oittee 6, Standardi0ation of Valves and 7ell&ead <'uipent.   API 11V6Desi(n of 5ontinuous +lo as ift Installations @sin( Inection Pressure Operated Valves. $&e standard sets (uidelines for continuous flo (as lift installation desi(ns usin( inection pressure operated valves.   A!SI>API P 11VBecoended Practice for epair, $estin(, and Settin( as ift Valves. $&e standard applies torepair, testin(, and settin( (as lift valves and reverse flo c&ec* valves.   API 82#1Si0in(, Selection, and Installation of Pressure#elievin( Devices in efineries: Part I # Si0in( andSelection. $&e recoended practice applies to t&e si0in( and selection of pressure relief devices used in refineries and related industries for e'uipent t&at &as a aiu alloa)le or*in( pressure of 18 psi( 1.3 )ar ( or 13 *Pa ( or (reater.   API 82#2ecoended Practice 82: Si0in(, Selection, and Installation of Pressure#elievin( Devices inefineries#Part II, Installation. $&e recoended practice covers et&ods of installation for pressure#relief devices for e'uipent t&at &as a aiu alloa)le or*in( pressure of 18 psi(1.3 )ar ( or 13 *Pa ( or (reater. It covers (as, vapor, stea, to#p&ase and incopressi)le fluid service.   A!SI>API 8B4Inspection Practices for Pipin( S%ste 5oponents. $&e standard covers t&e inspection of pipin(, tu)in(, valves ot&er t&an control valves and fittin(s used in petroleu refineries.   A!SI>API 8B6Inspection of Pressure elievin( Devices. $&e recoended practice descri)es t&e inspection and repair practices for autoatic pressure#relievin( devices coonl% used in t&e oil and petroc&eical industries.   A!SI>API 6=;etal -all Valves # +lan(ed and -utt#7eldin( <nds. $&e standard covers 5lass 18 and 5lass 3 etal )all valves t&at &ave eit&er )utt#eldin( or flan(ed ends and are for use in on#off service.
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