Factors Affecting Effective Human Resource Management in Nigeria


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Factors Affecting Effective Human Resource Management in Nigeria
  Factors Affecting Effective Human Resource Management in Nigeria Oludele Mayowa SOLAJA Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan Email of the corresponding author: solaja.mayowa777@yahoo.com/+2348130564596 Abstract  The pace of globalization is increasing in terms of market for goods and services, work design, organizational potentials and investment opportunities across borders amongst others. As a result, modern organizations are constantly faced with stiff competition from all fronts. Human resource department is not left out in this transformation crusade as it has obligation to move along with the changing demands of the globalization process. Nigeria being a nation endowed with numerous human and natural resources, it is therefore imperative for managers of work organizations to be aware of the changes taking place in both local and international market environment. By so doing, they can easy detect opportunities that can transform their organization as well as strategies to combat or neutralize any threat that may want to cripple the organizational productivity as the case may be. However, this paper discussed a number of challenges facing the practice of human resource management in Nigeria and possible improved ways of overcoming the problems coupled with recommendations were suggested.  Key words : Globalization, challenges, human resource manager, competition, organization
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