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   It was shining with the very bright light that comes from God. The city shone like a very valuable stone. It shone with bright light, like a mirror. 12 It had a very big, high wall round it, with 12 gates. 12 *angels stood at the gates, one *angel at each gate. And someone had wrien a di!erent name on each gate. They had wrien the names of the 12 family grou s of Israel#s eo le. 1$ There were three gates on each side of the city%Three gates were on the east sideThree gates were on the north sideThree gates were on the south side, andThree gates were on the west side. 1& They had built the city#s wall on to of 12 very big stones. They had wrien the name of one of the *'amb#s 12 s ecial workers on each big stone. note The city was s(uare. It was as long as it was wide. The *angel measured the city with his s)ck. It was 12  furlongs +2& kilometres long. And it was as wide and as high as it was long. 1- e also measured its wall. The wall was 1&& cubits +// metres high +or thick. 0eo le use numbers like these to measure things. And the *angel used the same numbers to measure with. note 1 The wall was stone that shone with light, like a mirror. And the city was gold, of the very best kind. The light shone through it, as light shines through glass. 1 The big stones that were holding u the city#s wall were very valuable stones. These valuable stones were di!erent colours, so they were very beau)ful. They were 12 di!erent valuable stones%3ellow, brown and green 4as er  5lue sa hireGreen agate6ark green emerald 2 7ed ony86ark red carnelian3ellow (uart9Green beryl3ellow to a93ellow:green chryso rase6ark blue 4acinth5lue:red amethyst 21 The 12 gates were 12 * earls. ;ach gate was from one se arate * earl. The city#s biggest street was gold, of the very best kind. The light shone through it, as light shines through glass.
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