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A Hymn on Subrahmanya
  ॥ कात  क   ेयोम ्ूाववध  नम ्॥ .. kArtikeya skanda (hymn) ..sanskritdocuments.org April 10, 2015  Document Information Text title : kArtikeyastotramFile name : skanda.itxLocation : doc_subrahmanyaAuthor : skandaLanguage : SanskritSubject : philosophy/hinduism/religionTransliterated by : Rama Balasubramanian rbalasub at ecn.purdue.edu and RavinBhalekar ravibhalekar at hotmail.comProofread by : Rama Balasubramanian rbalasub at ecn.purdue.edu and RavinBhalekar ravibhalekar at hotmail.comDescription-comments : rudrayAmalaLatest update : December 18, 2004Send corrections to : Sanskrit@cheerful.comSite access : http://sanskritdocuments.org  ॥ कात  क   ेयोम ्ूाववध  नम ्॥ ॥ कात  क   ेय  ॥ Hymn to kArtikeya or skandaThefollowingstotraonskandaisfromtherudrayAmala,animportantworkon tantra . It is a short stotra but also remarkably powerful . The stotra iscredited with developing the praGYA (intelligence) and has been given byskandahimself.praGYAvivardhana (increasing praGYA) mantras are very important in thevedasand other later literature like the tantras . Why is the development ofpraGYAgiven such importance? The answer is given in the vedas itself . In thetrisuparNamantrainthemahAnArAyaNaupanishAd,thefollowingmantrasoccur: ॄ म   ेधया । Brahman is attained through intelligence मध   ुम   ेधया । Bliss is attained through intelligence ॄम   ेव मध   ुम   ेधया । Brahman, which is verily bliss is attained through intelligenceIt should however be noted that the intelligence or medhA which is referredtohere is not the mundane intelligence which we refer to in our daily lives .ThismedhA refers to the development of the buddhi suchthat the truth can be clearly 1  2  ॥ कात  क   ेयोम ्ूाववध  नम ्॥ seen . shrI ramaNa maharShI gives an analogy to illustrate how the pure andclear buddhi perceives brahman . Brahman is hidden from the view of theunclearbuddhi like dense clouds hiding the sun . The clear buddhi which has beenobtained by intense sAdhana, sees brahman like a person seeing the sunthrougha thin mist . Thus the jIvanmukta, is different from a person without a clearbuddhi.Hence, development of buddhi is given prime importance in our tradition .Themost famous examples is the gAyatri mantra, which is chanted during thedailysandhyAvandanam . Another one is the nitya karma for brahmachAris, thesamitAdAnam . There are various mantras given in the mahAnArAyaNaupaniShad itself, the mantra invoking indra (yashChandasAm etc) and themedhA sUktam (addressed to sarasvatI and others). There are, of coursemanymore such mantras in the vedas.However,therecitationofthesemantrasrequireslearningthemfromaguruandmany of us are unable to get such an opportunity, especially in this modernage.But, the stotrams from purANAs and the tantras can be chanted by one andall,with no exceptions.In thamiz tradition, skanda, or murukan as he is called, is considered theveryembodimentofallgoodanditisheldthatheiseagertobestowGYAnAtoone and all . Thus, true to tradition, at the end of the stotram he says thatanyone chanting his 28 names, even if he is unable to speak will becomeaccomplished in speech, like Brihaspati . The person who considers this asmahAmantra and chants them will attain mahA praGYA (great intelligence).Ramakrishnan.
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