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  Lesson 4: Knight vs. Pawn Endgame This is a sort of endgame in which the defending side should [almost] never lose. But for mostly psychologicalreasons, that is not the case. I will show you 4 examples that cover everything you need to know about elementary knight endgames involving a single passed pawn. Main idea in this endgame: 1. Defending side needs to capture the pawn to secure the draw, even if they need to give up the knight.2. Attacking side needs to save the pawn and to safely promote it to win the game.Take a look at the following positions to understand how to efficiently defend against a passed pawn with aknight: Knight in Front of the Passed Pawn Endgames Package Lesson 4: Knight vs. Pawn Endgame 28% Endgame Training Completed  Knight in Front of the Rook Pawn Look at the following position, the black's knightis in front of the passed pawn. White wants topromote the pawn, but first he needs to drive theknight away with his king. And this is animpossible task as we will shortly see.  1. c7 Chasing the knight away.  f7 2. c6 d2 Meanwhile black can walk his king closer to theaction.  3. d5 d3 4. e6 Chasing theknight away once more.  d8+ Knight can justreturn to the d8 square in front of the pawn. 5. e7 c6+ 6. d6 d8 7. c7f7 =And as we see, white is not capable todrive the knight away from covering the d8. Thisposition is drawn.  Knight in Front of the Pawn on 7th Rank Now let's look at a more tricky position, namelywhen the knight is guarding the passed rook pawnfrom promoting.  1. g6 White sticks to thesrcinal plan. The plan is to chase the knightaway from the pawn to ensure safe promotion. f8+ 2. g7 Driving the knight away fromguarding h7.If 2. f7black's knight just returns backto h7h7 = 2... e6+ Winning the tempo to relocate theknight to g5.  3. g8 If white plays3. f6f8black's knightgoes back on f8 to keep an eye on h7. 3... g5 =Guarding the h7 once again. Whitecannot drive the knight away from the pawn and  Royal Fork upon Promotion In this position black's knight cannot defend thepromotion square, due to the lack of space formaneuvering.  1. g7 White will capture theknight. The black's idea is to give it up in theright way.  e6 Black's idea is to trap thewhite's king in the corner and to achieve the drawby stalemate.1...g6 ??This would be a blunder, sinceblack helps white to stay away from thecorner and the game is lost.2. xg6e73. h8=Q Winning. 2. xh8 f7 =White has no legal moves, thusit is a stalemate and the game is drawn.
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