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  Fusion Person Model - Technical Details  Person Model  Fusion person model is designed to separate local attributes from global attributes. In eBusiness Suite, person details  –  name, national identifier, gender, ethnicity etc. are stored in one table, while in Fusion, it is stored in normalized set of tables. Some of the commonly used tables in Person Entity   EBS   Fusion  Person Details PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PER_PERSON PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PER_PERSON_NAMES_F PER_NATIONAL_IDENTIFIERS PER_PEOPLE_LEGISLATIVE_F PER_ETHNICITIES Person Type PER_PERSON_TYPES PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F PER_PERSON_TYPES PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_M Address PER_ADDRESSES PER_ADDRESSES_F PER_PERSON_ADDR_USAGES_F Phone PER_PHONES PER_PHONES Email Address Stored in PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PER_EMAIL_ADDRESSES Contact Relationship PER_CONTACT_RELATIONSHIPS PER_CONTACT_RELATIONSHIPS Some of the major changes are  –  1)   Name Format  –  Name is stored in separate table. A person can have a “Global” name and a “Local” in different character set. 2)   National Identifier  –  A separate table to store national identifier. A person can have multiple national identifiers. One for each country or different type within same country a.   Row only created if NID was entered b.   Dated, but not date-effective 3)   Legislative Information - Separate table for person’s legislative info. Ex: gender, marital status  a.   Row only created if countr y’s data needs to be entered  b.   Date-effective to record historical changes c.   Person can have multiple legislative data rows d.   Concurrent rows with different legislation, but   e.   Only one row for a given legislation 4)   Contact Relationships are stored in same way as in EBS. Key FlexFields in Fusion and Comparison to EBS Fusion Application has only two key flex fields compared to six in Oracle EBS. Key Flexfields in Fusion  - PeopleGroup - hr   - CostAllocation - pay Key FlexField in EBS  - Personal Analysis - Grade - Job - Position - People Group - Cost Allocation Technically, in fusion all the information is stored in same table. For ex: Job data in Fusion is stored in per_jobs_f table while in EBS, it is stored in per_jobs_f and per_job_definitions. Commonly used database tables in Fusion HR application Most of the tables in Fusion Applications are inherited from Oracle eBusiness Suite, but there are additions and modifications in the data model. The tables are more normalized and represents the information it is storing. Some of the commonly used tables are - Table Name   Alias Name   Suggested Join   PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F   PAPF   PER_PERSON   PP   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PP.PERSON_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PAPF.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PAPF.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_NATIONAL_IDENTIFIERS   NID   PAPF.PERSON_ID = NID.PERSON_ID  AND NID.NATIONAL_IDENTIFIER_TYPE = 'SSN' PER_ETHNICITIES   PE   PAPF.PERSON_ID=PE.PERSON_ID   PER_PERSON_NAMES _F   PPNF   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PPNF.PERSON_ID  AND UPPER(PPNF.NAME_TYPE)='GLOBAL' AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PPNF.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PPNF.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_PHONES   PPH   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PPH.PERSON_ID  PPH.PHONE_TYPE = 'H1' PER_PEOPLE_LEGISLATIVE_F   PPLF   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PPLF.PERSON_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PPLF.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PPLF.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_EMAIL_ADDRESSES   PEA   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PEA.PERSON_ID  AND PEA.EMAIL_TYPE = 'W1'  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PEA.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PEA.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_PERSON_ADDR_ USAGES_F   ADR U   PAPF.PERSON_ID=ADRU.PERSON_ID  AND ADRU.ADDRESS_TYPE = 'HOME' AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN ADRU.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND ADRU.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_ADDRESSES_F   PA   ADRU.ADDRESS_ID = PA.ADDRESS_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PA.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PA.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_M   PPTU   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PPTU.PERSON_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PPTU .EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PPTU .EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_PERSON_TYPES   PT   AND PUF.PERSON_TYPE_ID = PT.PERSON_TYPE_ID  AND PT.SYSTEM_PERSON_TYPE IN ('CON',’EMP’)   FND_LOOKUP_VALUES_TL   FLVT7   AND PE.ETHNICITY=FLVT7.LOOKUP_CODE   AND FLVT7.LOOKUP_TYPE='PER_ETHNICITY'   AND FLVT7.LANGUAGE='US'   FND_LOOKUP_VALUES_TL   FLVT8   AND PPLF.MARITAL_STATUS=FLVT8.LOOKUP_CODE   AND FLVT8.LOOKUP_TYPE='MAR_STATUS'   AND FLVT8.LANGUAGE='US'   PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_M   PAAM   PAPF.PERSON_ID = PAAM.PERSON_ID   AND PAM.ASSIGNMENT_TYPE IN (‘E’,’C’)  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PAAM.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PAAM.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_ASSIGNMENT_STATUS_TYPES_TL   PASTT   PAAM.ASSIGNMENT_STATUS_TYPE_ID=PASTT.ASSIGNMENT_STATUS_TYPE_ID   PER_ASSIGN_WORK_ MEASURES_F   PAWMF   PAAM.ASSIGNMENT_ID=PAWMF.ASSIGNMENT_ID  PAWMF.UNIT='FTE' PER_ASSIGNMENT_SUPERVISORS_F   PASF   PASF.MANAGER_ID=PAPF.PERSON_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PASF.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PASF.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE  PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE   PPOS   PAAM.PERIOD_OF_SERVICE_ID=PPOS.PERIOD_OF_SERVICE_ID   CMP_SALARY   CS   PAAM.ASSIGNMENT_ID=CS.ASSIGNMENT_ID   CMP_SALARY_BASES   CSB   CS.SALARY_BASIS_ID=CSB.SALARY_BASIS_ID   HR_LOCATIONS_ALL_ F_VL   HLAFV   PAAM.LOCATION_ID=HLAFV.LOCATION_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN HLAFV.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND HLAFV.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_DEPARTMENTS   PD   PAAMV.ORGANIZATION_ID=PD.ORGANIZATION_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PD.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PD.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_JOBS_F_VL   HLAFV   PAAM.JOB_ID=PJFV.JOB_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN HLAFV.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND HLAFV.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE PER_GRADES_F_TL   PGFT   PAAMV.GRADE_ID=PGFT.GRADE_ID  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN PGFT.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PGFT.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE AND PGFT.LANGUAGE(+)='US' HR_ORGANIZATION_ UNITS_F_TL   HOU _TL   PAAMV.BUSINESS_UNIT_ID = HOU_TL.ORGANIZATION_ID  AND HOU_TL.LANGUAGE='US' AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN HOU_TL_TL.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND HO.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE Posted 13th August 2014 by Adarsh  Fusion Payroll/Compensation - Technical Details Payroll and Compensation Model   Compensation  Salary details in Fusion are stored in below tables - EBS   Fusion  Salary Details PER_PAY_PROPOSALS CMP_SALARY CMP_SALARY_COMPONENTS Salary Basis PER_PAY_BASES CMP_SALARY_BASES
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