the Role of Selective attention and social perception


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the Role of Selective attention and social perception
  Attention to Faces, Human Bodies and Body Parts:Behavioral and Electrophysiological studies.   October 12 th , 2011.Department of General Psychology- Jena University- Germany.Department of Psychology- Sohag University- Egypt.   Tarik N. Mohamed Abdelrheem   Since 2007  2 Introduction. Source: Minnebusch &Daum, 2009_BRNS.  3 Introduction. Source: Thierry et al., 2006_NeuroImage There are two accounts for explaining the inversion effect which has been observed:-  4 (Maurer, et al., 2002)_ This figure from Minnebusch & Daum., 2009_NBR. “1. Quantitative Account ” Inversion effect disrupted configural processing, and increased difficulty of  face encoding mechanism (Yin, 1969, Reed et al., 2003, Skuler et al., 2004) . Introduction  “2. Qualitative Account ” Inversion effect showed recuirment of additional neurons, such as eyes and object neurons (Itier et al, 2007; 2009, Skuler et al., 2004) . 5 Introduction Source: Itier & Batty, 2009_Breview neurosci   Source: Mohamed TN (2011)_PhD thesis.
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