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  Eighth Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Lists Spelling and vocabulary quizzes are given on Fridays. If the week does not include a Friday, there will be no spelling and vocabulary quiz. There is the possibility that a quiz may be canceled because a week contains a major deadline for another English test or project, but this is a rare occurrence and will be announced in class and posted on PowerSchool. Quizzes involve spelling each word correctly and matching it with its definition. They also include providing the definition of each root or prefix. As the year goes on, the format will change to include demonstration of understanding how to correctly use the words in context. List 1 PREFIX: Ab(L)MEANING: Away from, apartROOT: Cred (L)MEANING: Believe, trustROOT: Brev (L)MEANING: ShortROOT: Copia (L)MEANING: PlentyWORDSDEFINITIONS1. Absence1. State of not being present OR inattentiveness (N)2. Abstain2. To hold oneself back voluntarily (V)3. Aberration3. A departure from the normal or expected (N)4. Abrupt4. Sudden (Adj)5. Credible5. Believable (Adj)6. Incredulous6. Skeptical, showing unbelief (Adj)7. Credentials7. Evidence of authority or status (N)8. Credo8. Set of beliefs or principles (N)9. Brevity9. Shortness, briefness (N)10. Abbreviate10. To shorten (V)11. Copious11. Large quantity or number (Adj)  12. Copied12. Made a duplicate (V) List 2 PREFIX: Inter(L)MEANING: BetweenROOT: Tract (L)MEANING: Draw, PullROOT: Spir (L)MEANING: BreathROOT: Culp (L)MEANING: BlameWORDSDEFINITIONS1. Intercede1. To act on the behalf of someone in trouble (V)2. Interference2. The act of hampering or opposing an action (N)3. Interrupt3. To break in, cause to stop (V)4. Interject4. To put between two other things (V)5. Tractable5. Easily managed or controlled (Adj)6. Attractive6. Pleasing in appearance or manner (Adj)7. Detract7. To take away a part (V)8. Inspiration8. An action or influence that produces ideas orfeelings (N)9. Respiratory9. Related to breathing (Adj)10. Conspiracy10. A plot formulated in secret by two or morepeople (N)11. Culpable11. Deserving blame (Adj)12. Exculpate12. To clear of blame List 3 PREFIX: Dis (L)MEANING: NotROOT: Vacuus (L)MEANING: EmptyROOT: Punct (L)MEANING: Point, dot  WORDSDEFINITIONS1. Dissatisfied1. Not pleased (Adj)2. Disillusioned2. Free of enchantment or unrealistic ideas (Adj)3. Disheveled3. Unkempt or untidy in appearance (Adj)4. Disinterested4. Not biased or influenced by selfish motives (Adj)5. Vacuum5. A place sealed off from outside influence (N)6. Vacancies6. Openings or empty spaces (N)7. Evacuation7. The act of removing people or things from aplace (N)8. Vacuous8. Empty, purposeless, lacking intelligence (Adj)9. Punctual9. On time (Adj)10. Punctuation10. Marks used to make writing clear (N)11. Puncture11. To pierce with a pointed instrument (V)12. Punctilious12. Strictly attentive to details (Adj) List 4 PREFIX: Ex (L)MEANING: Out, beyondROOT: Vert (L)MEANING: TurnROOT: Capit (L)MEANING: HeadWORDSDEFINITIONS1. Exaggerate1. To overstate, represent greater than reality (V)2. Extraneous2. Not belonging to, unrelated (Adj)3. Exceed3. To go beyond, surpass (V)4. Execute4. To carry out, accomplish (V)  5. Diversion5. Distraction, departure from a course (N)6. Inverted6. Inside out or upside down (Adj)7.Introvert7. A shy person (N)8. Extrovert8. An outgoing person (N)9. Decapitate9. Remove the head (V)10. Capitalize10. Use, take advantage of (V)11. Capitol11. Building used by state legislature (N)12. Capital12. The city where a government is seated (N) 1-4 Review List Includes ALL prefixes/roots from the first four lists.WORDSDEFINITIONS1. Abstain1. To hold oneself back voluntarily (V)2. Aberration2. A departure from the normal or expected (N)3. Credible3. Believable (Adj)4. Incredulous4. Skeptical, showing unbelief (Adj)5. Brevity5. Shortness, briefness (N)6. Abbreviate6. To shorten (V)7. Copious7. Large quantity or number (Adj)8. Copied8. Made a duplicate (V)9. Intercede9. To act on the behalf of someone in trouble (V)10. Interrupt10. To break in, cause to stop (V)11. Detract11. To take away a part (V)12. Tractable12. Easily managed or controlled (Adj)13. Respiratory13. Related to breathing (Adj)
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