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   A fully illustrated version of this article may be seen by visiting:http://www.yameyamey.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/hitlerwithoutholocaust.html  I found this book about Hitler, which was published in 2007 (ISBN: 97!"!002#20$ and is part of a series called %Bio&raphies of 'reat ersonalities) ai*ed at +oun&er Indian readers, in 'an&ara*s Bookshop in Ban&alore (India$- .he &arishl+ co/ered  book cau&ht *+ e+e in thas lar&e wellknown bookshop in Ban&alore- 1hen I flicked throu&h it, I noticed that it was illustrated with line drawin&s, *an+ of which showed  dolf Hitler in Indian settin&s with pal* trees- t 30 4upees (less than half a ound Sterlin&$, I could not resist bu+in& the 9" pa&e book-.he author, I&en B, is a prolific writer- He has published well o/er 70 short books includin& bio&raphies of personalities as di/erse as 5esus 6hrist, Bha&at Sin&h, other .eresa, shoka the 'reat, 6hhatrapati Shi/a8i, Shakuntala, and Neta8i 6handra Bose- s well as these he has written /ersions of &reat Indian classics such as the edas, the incarnations of ord ishnu, and the ahabharata- .hat these books are probabl+ ai*ed at children is e/ident fro* the for*at and appearance of the books and also the fact that one of his titles is %  Illustrated Model Book of School Essay etc -) .herefore, his potential audience is the innocent and i*pressionable +oun&er *ind- .his should be re*e*bered whilst pa&in& throu&h his childrens bio&raph+ of dolf Hitler-ore than half of the te;t is dedicated to Hitlers childhood, about which not *uch is known in detail, his career as an artist, and his rise to power- .he author of this book, I&en B, bla*es a disturbed childhood in a d+sfunctional fa*il+ for *uch of what Hitler was to beco*e- .he future dictators disillusion*ent with the lack of 'er*an national pride and his disappoint*ent with the countr+s leadership durin& 11! were accordin& to this book, also i*portant for*ati/e factors- s, are also the 5ews: un<uestionin&l+, I&en B repeats the kind of dan&erous nonsense about the 5ews that Hitler and *an+ 'er*ans belie/ed- Ha/in& &ained power, we learn of Hitlers ca*pai&n to relie/e the 5ews of an+ role in  public life, and his hatred of the co**unists- 1e also learn of his desire to tear up the .reat+ of ersailles, and how he went about doin& so- So far, the reader is presented with so*ethin& that faintl+ rese*bles what is now co**on knowled&e about the histor+ of 'er*an+ 8ust before and durin& the brief, but lon& enou&h, era of Na=i rule- .he penulti*ate 3 pa&es of the book describe so*e aspects of 112- .he last pa&e of te;t is dedicated the last da+s of Hitler and his new bride >/a Braun- Nowhere in the book are the mass murders perpetrated by the Nazis even hinted at, let alone mentioned.  .his worries *e &reatl+ considerin& that the book is sold in  bookshops in India, and *ost of these also sell often *ore than one edition of Hitlers  pernicious ?autobio&raph+ %  Mein Kampf  )-I&en Bs book is ai*ed at an Indian audience- It is appropriate in a wa+ that the illustrations are drawn with an Indian fla/our, as *an+ readers are unlikel+ to ha/e /isited >urope or are e/er likel+ to do so- .he spellin& of *an+ 'er*an words and na*es is peculiar- @or e;a*ple we read of ?Heb=bur& (Habsbur&$, ?Stru* btilin& (Stur*abteilun&$, ?fonn (/on$, ?ersai (ersailles$, and ?Hoffbraha (Hofbrauhaus$- 1hilst these ori&inal spellin&s are used *ore than once and are thus unlikel+ to be t+po&raphic errors, the+ *a+ also be purposeful- It is possible that the author, realisin& that *ost of his readers are likel+ to be unfa*iliar with 'er*an  pronunciation, has transliterated the* so as to *ake the* pronounceable b+ readers of >n&lish-  I picked up this book as a curio, and read it- .he author appears to ha/e done so*e research, but his or her interpretation and presentation of the facts is so*ewhat unusual- His lack of e*phasis of Hitlers e/il influences and deeds in a book ai*ed at i*pressionable +oun&sters is worr+in& to sa+ the least- .he i*pression I had after readin& it was that Hitler was portra+ed as an unfortunate child, who &rew up with the ai* of *akin& 'er*an+ a &reat nation- I was not &i/en the i*pression that he was e/en a fraction of the *onster that he was in realit+- I had rather the sa*e i*pression after watchin& the end of the fil*  Downfall *ade in 2003- Hitlers final *o*ents durin& that fil* were al*ost heartrendin&A the power of fil* and literature cannot be underrated- .his is wh+ I&en Bs book on Hitler *i&ht well be considered *ale/olent, e/en if the authors intention was otherwise, to be purel+ infor*ati/e- 
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